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She’s the Class, I’m the Sass.  We are the Kentucky Taste Buds!

Leigh and I met back in middle school here in Lexington. As it’s extremely bad manners to discuss age, we won’t tell you how long ago that was.

With the exception of a 10-year period where we fell out of touch, we have been best buds.  I’m constantly amazed by her.  She obtained her CPA and went to work for the world’s largest auto maker, and after several years of doing the corporate grind, realized she wanted to do something that spoke to her creative side.  By burning the midnight oil, she taught herself graphic design and was so good at it she was able to leave her job in numbers and go full time into the world of putting ideas into visual form.  She created a company called IDEAist Designs, a graphic design company that specializes in Logo and Brand Creation, Computer Art Illustration and Website Development. Amazing!  Not to mention she’s beautiful inside and out, can out dance J-Lo, and downright hilarious!  I’m so glad to have her as a friend!  She is the Snapchat filter to my photo!

Over the past two years I’ve been on a journey of trying to rediscover who I am and what I enjoy.  Feeling as if I’m going through life in the “Big Snooze” as described by Jen Sincero in her book, You’re a Bad Ass,  I wanted to start doing things a bit more purposefully.  After all, we are not meant to just work, pay bills and die! Right?   Can I get an amen?  Leigh and I are both mothers of teenagers, and realize that pretty soon we will be empty nesters.  Ack!  What then?  So it’s with these thoughts in our heads that Leigh and I had some epiphanies.

First, we need more FUN in our lives.  Repeat.  We need more FUN in our lives.  Second, we need to spend more time with other girlfriends.  The friendship between women is a precious thing and can make us live longer, happier lives. It’s a proven, scientific fact, Jack!  Husbands and children are important relationships as well, but no one can understand a woman like another woman.



Third, we need to do something that feeds our creative side.  After all, if we are not using the gifts and talents God has given us, we are not being of full use to this world and to others.  Don’t hide your light under a basket!  And I believe we all have a creative side; for some of us, however, it just takes a little digging to figure out what form that takes.











With these objectives in mind, I was thrilled when Leigh suggested we collaborate on this new endeavor.   We created a blog called to talk about all things good in Kentucky from food, to fashion, events and people which turned into a successful podcast called Brunch with the Buds that can also be found on iTunes, Google Play and SoundCloud. Now, here we are on Kiss 96.9 FM – one of the best channel’s in the state!











Realizing that we are so blessed to be homegrown in the gorgeous Bluegrass State, why not get out and explore, have adventures, and along the way share with others about our experiences?   We’re not experts at anything, but we know what’s good!  So join us on this journey.  We promise you will have a good time and maybe be inspired to grab your buds, get out in the world and taste all it has to offer!












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