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Russia Barred From Competing In International Sports For 4 Years; Banned From Olympics

Russia will absent from the Olympic Games next summer after a ruling handed down by the World Anti-Doping Agency on Monday. WADA’s 12-member executive committee voted unanimously to implement a four-year international sports ban on Russia, punishment that had been proposed by its compliance review committee last month after WADA investigators found that the country tampered with drug-testing data earlier this year. ...Read more

Lakers’ LeBron James Defends Himself After Criticism Of His Behavior At End Of Game Against Jazz

LeBron James says he has no regrets about his behavior at the closing of the Los Angeles Lakers’ 121-96 win over the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night.  James was criticized as being disrespectful for coming onto the court in his socks to cheer on teammate Kyle Kuzma; however James wasn’t wearing shoes because he took off the sneakers he was wearing, signed them, and gave them away to two kids in the stands. ...Read more

Dallas Cowboys DT Antwaun Woods Arrested On Drug And Tampering Charges

Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Antwaun Woods was arrested on drug and tampering charges after police say he tried to put out a marijuana cigarette when he knew he was about to be stopped for speeding. Officer Blake Simmons wrote in a police report released on Thursday that Woods didn’t pull over immediately and told police in the Dallas suburb of Frisco he had dropped the marijuana cigarette in the half-empty water bottle before he stopped. ...Read more