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Donald Trump: The Golf President

Trump may be the best golfer ever to occupy the Oval Office, as he’s won several club championships, and hit quite a few holes in one. Though not as golf crazy as Dwight Eisenhower, President Trump has been under fire for the amount of golf he’s played, but has been knowing to hit a few rounds with several domestic and international leaders, trying to pitch bills and mend fences.  ...Read more

Rangers on to the Senators in Round 2

After beating the Canadiens in the first round 4-2, the second round for the Rangers will be a little more difficult. The Ranger and the Senators have a less than colorful play off history, this being only the second time they’ve seen each other in franchise history.  ...Read more

Cubs Ask for Right to Buy Back Rings for $1

The Chicago Cubs, in an effort to not devalue their World Series rings, have asked all personnel aside from players to sign papers allowing the Cubs to buy back the ring for $1. The contract states those intending to sell or gift the ring must formally ask permission from the organization. If the Cubs elect not to purchase it, then you are allowed to sell or transfer it to another person.  ...Read more

Aaron Hernandez Found Dead In Prison Cell

Aaron Hernandez, former Patriots tight end, was found hung in his cell Wednesday morning following his acquittal of murder charges  last Friday over the 2012 killing of two men, Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado, outside a Boston nightclub. Despite his acquittal, Hernandez was serving a life sentence without parole for killing Odin Lloyd, the boyfriend of his fiancee’s sister, in 2013. ...Read more