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Chris Simms Believes Jim Natz Played a Role in his Father’s Demotion

Chris Simms speaks out, as his father Phil Simms hasn’t responded to calls while on his vacation in Barbados. Chris believes that this decision would have had to been at least approved by Jim Natz, Phil’s broadcasting buddy for most of his career since 1998. Chris also believes CBS handled the decision poorly, having found out about Tony Romo taking his dad’s place from an NFL insider before anyone even told Phil Simms himself.  ...Read more

WWE Superstar Officially Hangs His Boots- Goldberg Retires

The second WWE Superstar to hang up his boots in a week, Goldberg followed suit and gave a goodbye to the WWE Universe Monday night after Raw. Goldberg had left the WWE for 12 years before coming back and winning the Universal Championship title for 28 days. Wrestlemania, which happened this past Sunday, was also the last match for the infamous Undertaker who has retired after 27 years.  ...Read more