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Florida Preps For Mass Evacuations

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is prepping for huge state evacuations ahead of Hurricane Irma. The  Category 5 storm just plowed through the Caribbean, leaving the island absolutely decimated. While it’s possible by the time it reaching Florida, Irma could be reduced to Category 4, the damage and flooding will still be very significant.  ...Read more

Nurse Arrested After Following Protocol

A video of a Utah nurse being forcibly arrested when she refused to let police officers draw blood from an unconscious crash victim has gone viral. Her brutal arrest was caught on body-camera video, and expedited the officer to be put on paid leave immediately, and since fired from his job as a part time paramedic.  ...Read more

Kaepernick’s Girlfriend’s Tweet Is the Reason He Didn’t Get Signed

After months of crickets when it came to signing Colin Kaepernick, the Ravens were readying to snatch up the able QB. Ray Lewis says that deal never happened because of a tweet Kaepernick’s girlfriend posted, comparing a picture of Lewis hugging Steve Bisciotti to a scene from “Django Unchained,” where Samuel L. Jackson’s loyal house slave held Leonardo DiCaprio’s cruel plantation owner.  ...Read more

Red Sox Caught Using Apple Watch to Steal Signs

After a formal complaint by the Yankees, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed that the Boston Red Sox used an apple watch from the dugout to steal opponents’ signs and relay them to players during games. Baseball does not have a policy against sign stealing, as it’s been a part of the game since inception, but the issue is the use of an electronic device in the dugout, which is against league rules. ...Read more