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Hurricane Dorian: Storm Picks Up Speed As It Heads Towards U.S.

Hurricane Dorian continues to weaken but is growing larger, and is starting to pick up speed as a strong Category 2 storm. It continues its northwestward turn toward Florida before its anticipated shift along the Florida coast and, eventually, northeast toward the Carolinas.  Bands of heavy rain and storm surge have formed across central and southern Florida.  ...Read more

NFL To Stream Highlights Via TikTok App

On Tuesday, the NFL signed a multi-year partnership with video app TikTok to stream match highlights and behind-the-scenes footages as part of its strategy to boost online presence. Recently the NFL has been signing partnerships worth millions of dollars, with companies including and Twitter to stream content. TikTok allows users to create and share short videos with special effects, and hit the 500 million mark in monthly active users globally, according to a report in July. The platform is a hit among teenagers and post-millennials, a key target audience of sports content. ...Read more