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Pennsylvania State Sen. Michael Folmer Charged With Possession of Child Pornography

Pennsylvania State Sen. Mike Folmer has stepped down following his arrest on charges of possession of child pornography. Folmer submitted his letter of resignation on Wednesday to Republican colleagues in Harrisburg.  According to leadership in the state chamber, after reviewing the charges and speaking to Folmer, they insisted that he resign. “We are sickened and disturbed by the charges brought against Mike Folmer,” the Pennsylvania lawmakers said in a statement. ...Read more

Oklahoma Teenager Accused Of Threatening Mass School Shooting

A teenage girl from Oklahoma was arrested after threatening to enter her former high school and “shoot 400 people for fun.” 18-year-old Alexis Wilson made the threats Sunday while working at a pizza shop in McAlester, Oklahoma.  Police say the incident began with Wilson showing a coworker an iPhone video of her shooting her newly purchased AK-47. ...Read more