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Naval Academy Launches Investigation Into Social Media Posts

The U.S. Naval Academy has launched an investigation into tweets allegedly made by a midshipman in the wake of protests over the police custody death of George Floyd in Minnesota. The posts were allegedly made on a since-deleted Twitter account identified as belonging to Chase Standage, a Midshipman 1st Class from California. Screenshots posted online appear to show one tweet allegedly about a police officer firing tear gas at an unarmed protester demonstrating after the death of Floyd, and another post allegedly commented on a black woman’s fatal shooting by police in Kentucky. ...Read more

Atlanta Police Officer Who Shot Rayshard Brooks Charged With Felony Murder

On Wednesday, prosecutors said that the Atlanta officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks in the back outside of a Wendy’s restaurant will be charged with felony murder and 10 other charges. Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said at a news conference that officer Garrett Rolfe kicked Brooks while he lay on the ground and the officer with him, Devin Brosnan, stood on Brooks’ shoulder as he struggled for life after a confrontation. “Mr Brooks was running away at the time the shot was fired,” Howard said. ...Read more

Google Bans Two News Sites From Ad Platform Due To Protest Coverage

The far-right news sites ZeroHedge and The Federalist will no longer be able to generate revenue from any advertisements served by Google Ads. The two sites were found to be in violation of  Google’s policies on content related to race when they pushed unsubstantiated claims about the Black Lives Matter protests sparked in recent weeks by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody on May 25. ...Read more