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Aunt of Texting Suicide Victim Seeking Steep Punishment

The Massachusetts teenager who took his own life after being persuaded to in text messages from his girlfriend has caused a stir in the legal field, and is posing problematic when it comes to sentencing. The boy’s aunt  is asking for 20 years behind bars for the now 20 year old, but the  woman’s father will ask that his daughter be spared prison time. Michelle Carter is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday after being found guilty in June of involuntary manslaughter. ...Read more

Detoxing While Pregnant is Now Safe

Due to the ongoing opioid crisis plaguing the nation, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said that detoxing when pregnant  thought to be harmful should now be considered. In 2012, an estimated 21,732 babies were born  addicted to opioids every 25 minutes, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.  ...Read more

Jobs But No Sober Applicants to Fill the Spots

An Ohio factory owner proclaims she has blue-collar jobs available at her company, but can’t seem to fill positions because so many candidates fail drug tests. As a small business owner, she cannot take the chance to have anyone impaired running that crane, or working 40 feet in the air. Four out of 10 applicants otherwise qualified to be welders, machinists and crane operators will fail a routine drug test.  ...Read more

Should You Finish Your Antibiotics?

The argument that failing to complete a course of antibiotics could fuel the rise of antibiotic resistance has little evidence. In fact its quite the opposite, a group of UK researchers say that completing a course of antibiotics may instead increase the risk of resistance. ...Read more