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Melania and Barron Trump Finally Move Into the White House

First Lady Melania Trump and son Barron finally move into the White House five months after President Trump took office. Mrs Trump wanted to stay in New York for Barron, 11, to finish the school year. She’s the first First Lady to delay the move to Washington in recent years, with Michelle Obama actually moving early to get her children settled. ...Read more

Good Samaritans Pays Off School Districts Lunch Debt

A couple who worked for Boeing for more than 30 years asked to pay the entire lunch debt of their neighborhood elementary school. When Tom and his wife, Christy, found out it was only $259, they asked what it would cost them to erase the lunch debt at all 10 elementary schools in the Marysville School District, which totaled $5,495. ...Read more

The Lion of London Bridge: Millwall Football Fan Fought Terrorists with Bare Hands

Roy Larner, 47, a fan of the London football club Millwall, has been dubbed the “Lion of London Bridge” after he single handedly fought three knife wielding jihadis with his bare hands during the London Bridge terror attack. The football fan was stabbed eight times while distracting the terrorist and buying time for people in the pub to evacuate. A petition online is asking to award him the George Cross, an award for bravery that is the second highest honor in the UK.  ...Read more

“Serial” Podcast Case Adnan Syed’s

A year ago, a Maryland judge overturned Adnan Syed’s conviction and ordered a new trial but it is still in the appeal process. Adnan was introduced to the public in the podcast “Serial” which centered around the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, and has since been the most downloaded podcast ever.  Adnan was convicted of her murder and has been sentenced to life in prison. ...Read more