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Biden Campaign Aide And Flight Crew Member Test Positive For COVID-19

The Biden campaign announced that someone who was on a flight with Vice President Joe Biden to Ohio on Monday and Florida on Tuesday has tested positive for COVID-19. The positive result was discovered through contact tracing following the positive diagnosis of Sen. Kamala Harris’ communications director, and a non-staff flight crew member. However, the campaign says that Biden and the member who tested positive did not have any passing or close contact during the flight and he is not required to isolate. ...Read more

First Lady Melania Trump Reveals Son Barron Also Had Coronavirus

First lady Melania Trump wrote in a statement Wednesday that her son with President Trump, 14-year-old Barron, contracted the coronavirus this month at the same time both of his parents were ill. Mrs. Trump said she had experienced a “roller coaster of symptoms,” which she described as “minimal” and added, “Naturally my mind went immediately to our son. To our great relief he tested negative, but again, as so many parents have thought over the past several months, I couldn’t help but think ‘what about tomorrow or the next day?’ My fear came true when he was tested again and it came up positive.” ...Read more

Supreme Court Allows Administration To End Census Count On October 31st

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday the U.S. Census Bureau can conclude its 2020 count on October 31, which will give it enough time to finish with enough time to process the data before year end. The decision, favored by the Trump administration, came with a dissent from Justice Sonia Sotomayor.  Sotomayor wrote in her dissent, “Meeting the deadline at the expense of the accuracy of the census is not a cost worth paying. Especially when the Government has failed to show why it could not bear the lesser cost of expending more resources to meet the deadline or continuing its prior efforts to seek an extension from Congress. This Court normally does not grant extraordinary relief on such a painfully disproportionate balance of harms.” ...Read more

U.S. Drugmaker Eli Lilly To Pause Antibody Trial Over Safety Concerns

U.S. health regulators have paused Eli Lilly’s trial of an antibody treatment for COVID-19 over potential safety concerns. It was confirmed on Tuesday that regulators paused enrollment in the leading late-stage trial of monoclonal antibody treatment for the coronavirus. Details regarding the safety concern are not yet known. A review from the independent data and safety monitoring board will be completed before further action is taken. According to spokeswoman Kathryn Beiser, Eli Lilly said it supports the decision by an independent monitoring board to “cautiously ensure the safety of the patients participating in this study.” ...Read more

President Trump Hits The Campaign Trail As Doctors Say He Has Tested Negative For COVID-19

President Donald Trump’s White House physician Dr. Sean Conley released a memo on Monday stating the president had recently tested negative for COVID-19 on consecutive days and is no longer contagious. Conley said in his memo a number of measures were used to test Trump and that he had tested negative on antigen tests instead of the more conclusive polymerase chain reaction test. Conley did not say on which days Trump tested negative. “This comprehensive data, in concert with the CDC’s guidelines for removal of transmission-based precautions, have informed our medical team’s assessment that the President is not infectious to others,” Conley said in the memo. ...Read more

Denver Police Identify Suspect In Fatal Shooting Near Opposing Protests

On Sunday, Denver authorities identified the security guard who was arrested after a fatal shooting near dueling protests by left-wing and right-wing demonstrators. The Denver Police Department said in a statement that Matthew Dolloff, 30, was being held for investigation of first-degree murder in a shooting Saturday outside the Denver Art Museum that left one man dead. Dolloff was being held without bond. ...Read more

13 Arrested In Failed Plot To Kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Prosecutors said on Thursday that thirteen people, including seven men associated with the Wolverine Watchmen militia group, have been arrested for alleged plots to take the Michigan governor hostage and attack the state capitol building. The group aimed to kidnap Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer ahead of the Nov. 3 presidential election, according to a criminal complaint filed in a Michigan federal court. The criminal complaint said the alleged plotters discussed recruiting a force of 200 to storm the state capitol in Lansing and take hostages, but later abandoned the plan in favor of a scheme to kidnap Whitmer at her vacation home. ...Read more