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Monday – Friday 
12 – 6 am: KISS FM Overnights
6 – 8:56 am: Bob and Sheri Show
8:56 – 10 am- Workday Kickoff with Rick Garry
10 am to 2 pm: Rick Garry
2 pm – 7 pm: Skip Eliot
7-12 mn: Delilah



  • http://96.9kissfm Ellen

    Can i hear all about the bass by meaghan trainer

  • seliot

    We just played that at 1:56pm. Thanks for listening to KISS 96-9!

  • Steven R Jackey

    Pay the TAXES which will take half of the $806,000,000 cash option.
    Then, I would go to a fat farm, loose 150 pounds, get new knees, then take my entire family on a vacation and give them each $10,000,000 if they show up.

  • Steven R Jackey

    After paying the gift tax on what I give to my family, I would be left with only about $200,000,000 invested with a 5% guaranteed return would force me to live on only $10,000.000 per year which is about $480.76 an hour. I think that’s a raise!!