New UK Athletics Web site Explains Ticket Security

LEXINGTON, Ky. – As part of a continuing effort to educate fans about ticket security, UK Athletics has launched a new web page with regularly updated information on the subject at The web page is designed to assist fans in purchasing verified tickets and to protect their tickets once they do.

UK Athletics urges fans to use caution against counterfeit tickets and unauthorized sellers. There are only five ticket outlets authorized to sell tickets to UK Athletics events:

  • UK Athletics Ticket Office
  • Ticketmaster or TicketExchange
  • Rupp Arena Box Office
  • ReplyBuy
  • Visiting team ticket office

Only tickets purchased directly from these five sources are guaranteed to be valid. When purchasing or acquiring tickets through any other source, the buyer is at risk of receiving fraudulent or invalid tickets. The UK Ticket Office is unable to provide support for tickets purchased through unauthorized sellers.

The only official and authorized reseller of UK Athletics tickets is TicketExchange, which is integrated with UK’s Ticketmaster software and uses barcode verification technology to ensure the authenticity of tickets. No other websites can provide barcode verification when buying tickets to UK home games. Currently, the TicketExchange fan-to-fan marketplace is available for Kentucky football and men’s basketball games.

Tickets printed with “Student ID Required” are sold to full-time University of Kentucky students at an exclusive rate. Due to this, only UK students with their valid UK student ID are able to gain admission to Rupp Arena and Commonwealth Stadium with these tickets. The general public are unable to gain admission with student tickets. Fans purchasing tickets directly through one of UK’s five authorized ticket outlets can be assured that they are not accidentally buying student tickets that require an ID. Unauthorized sellers cannot provide this assurance.

Due to the ease of duplication of print-at-home tickets, please exercise additional caution if purchasing one of these tickets. In the case of duplicate print-at-home tickets, the first barcode to reach the gate will be scanned valid. Additional copied tickets with the same barcode will scan invalid, and the patron will not be permitted entrance to the venue. Fans should also beware of altered print-at-home tickets that have been sold through unauthorized sellers.

All football and men’s basketball tickets are barcoded and will be scanned for validity at Commonwealth Stadium and Rupp Arena entrances. Invalid, altered, duplicate and counterfeit tickets will not grant entrance into the venue.

A recent trend has seen fans posting pictures of tickets, specifically the barcode, on social media. Ticket holders should be aware of the potential risks of doing so. The barcode is the most valuable piece of information on a ticket. Please treat it as you would your credit card information. Always #CoverTheCode when posting pictures of tickets online, and avoid taking screenshots that expose personal information like your name, address or credit card information.

Fans that have ticket questions or problems are encouraged to visit one of the UK Ticket Office’s game-day locations or call the UK Ticket Office at (800) 928-2287, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

UK Athletics Launches Ticket Security Information Web Page