Lexus Smooth Jazz Fest Pictures

What a great night of fun and Music with Gerald Albright and Jonathan Butler at the Lexus Smooth Jazz Fest! Here’s some pics of the fun!

Photos courtesy of Dave Redden Photography drp

Pre-Concert Fun:

DRP_1617 DRP_1615  DRP_1621 DRP_1610 DRP_1614 DRP_1612 DRP_1607 DRP_1596 DRP_1604 DRP_1602 DRP_1592 DRP_1599 DRP_1600  DRP_1579 DRP_1595 DRP_1588 DRP_1583 DRP_1585 DRP_1574  DRP_1581DRP_1591DRP_1578DRP_1628DRP_1620DRP_1565 DRP_1562 DRP_1569  DRP_1570 DRP_1567 DRP_1575 DRP_1549 DRP_1552 DRP_1554 DRP_1553 DRP_1561 DRP_1545 DRP_1532 DRP_1543 DRP_1527 DRP_1539 DRP_1531 DRP_1535  DRP_1528 DRP_1626 DRP_1525 DRP_1627 DRP_1522 DRP_1521 DRP_1623 DRP_1625 DRP_1622


DRP_1671 DRP_1741 DRP_1758 DRP_1724 DRP_1712DRP_1979  DRP_1946DRP_1881

 DRP_1654 DRP_2023   DRP_1943 DRP_1919  DRP_1827 DRP_1816 DRP_1800